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Joining the Poway-Midland Railroad Volunteers is very simple:

Fill out the Volunteer Application Form below.

When your application has been processed, a letter of acknowledgment will be sent to you.

Any Member wishing to become an Active Member also needs to complete a “City of Poway Volunteer” form, which enables the City to recognize you as an official Volunteer. This protects you and the City in the event of an accident, loss of personal belongings, etc., while on City property. To obtain a “City of Poway Volunteer” form, contact the Train Barn Office.

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Volunteer Application

Hello & Thank You for your interest with the Poway-Midland Railroad!

Since 1992, the Poway-Midland Railroad volunteers have been dedicated to the preservation of railroading equipment and sharing that history with rail-fans young and old. We pride ourselves on our equipment and the caliber of men and women in our organization and are excited to know that there is so much interest in joining such a quality group of people. My name is Stephen O’Brien and as the Membership Chairman, it is my responsibility to help you through the process of becoming a volunteer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Membership Chairman: Stephen O’Brien

Membership E-mail membership@pmrrv.org

Office phone: (858) 486-4063

Please indicate the area(s) in which you are most interested in working and the equipment in that area you'd be most interested in working on:
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Parental consent is required for any applicant under the age of 18. If the applicant is under the age of 15.5, he/she must be accompanied by a parent / guardian at all times while on the railroad property and executing duties. No applicant under the age of 5 may volunteer with the Poway-Midland Railroad.

(858) 486-4063 Barn

(858) 391-0251 Depot